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Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting


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October 21, 2022 • Solwezi – Rotärmel/Logan

“Unlike anything we’ve experienced"

"We felt the Holy Spirit and a fresh outpouring of His presence. Those who were hungry and thirsty for Jesus were filled. We began praying for the sick, and the only explanation for what happened next was that King Jesus Himself stepped onto the field as miracles began to break out all over the field."

October 20, 2022 • Kitwe – Roselyne/Braidwood

A hearing miracle after 42 years and a limb grows!

We are still celebrating as we reflect on the hundreds of thousands of people saved during Operation Decapolis in Zambia! We conducted 5 crusades in 5 different cities simultaneously, with two evangelists (Bootcamp graduates) stationed in each city, and preaching two nights each. Truly, the Decade of Double Harvest is HERE and NOW! Evangelist Daniel Kolenda traveled to each city and preached the Gospel one night during the crusade.

October 18, 2022 • Williamsburg Awakening

History was made in Williamsburg, VA!

The power of the glorious gospel was displayed in Williamsburg, Virginia, at the CfaN USA Crusade “Williamsburg Awakening” this past weekend. Through the preaching of the gospel, the birthplace of America has become the birthplace of a movement that will sweep across America with salvations, healings, and deliverance!

September 26, 2022 • Lusaka - Final Day

An Army Arising!

What has just happened here in Zambia is nothing short of historic and miraculous. In one week, we conducted 25 nights of crusades! I’m talking about MASSIVE Gospel Crusades in 5 different cities across the nation SIMULTANEOUSLY, resulting in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SALVATIONS and countless testimonies!

September 25, 2022 • Kasama - Night 4


History is being made here in Zambia this week as five cities are being shaken by the gospel right across the nation--simultaneously! In each city, the crowds have swollen to the point of maxing out the fields they're being held on, even creating crowd control challenges for us! And in each city, God is moving in power. The news about the wonders and miracles God is doing have gone out, and everyone is talking!

September 23, 2022 • Kitwe - Night 3

Crocodiles, Gangs & Tornadoes

Tonight was the third night of our Operation Decapolis Campaign here in Zambia, where 5 crusades are ongoing in 5 different cities over a 5 day period—simultaneously! Each day I travel to a new city, and each night I preach in a different crusade. In each city, two other evangelists (CfaN Bootcamp Grads) are stationed for the entire week and carrying the ministry in their city the other four nights.

September 22, 2022 • Solwezi - Night 2

Cripples Walking

In all five cities where we are holding simultaneous crusades this week in Zambia, we are seeing explosive growth and hearing amazing testimonies of God’s power! ... I preached a strong message about what it means to follow Jesus. It was a call to repentance and surrender, and it was met with an overwhelming reaction. The huge crowd seemed to respond as one, calling upon the name of Jesus with passion, conviction, and sincerity. It was enough to take my breath away.

September 21, 2022 • Kabwe - Night 1

Operation Decapolis Begins

Another “Operation Decapolis“ campaign has just begun, this time in the nation of Zambia. This means we are conducting 5 crusades in 5 different cities simultaneously this week. In each city, there are two Evangelists stationed (Bootcamp graduates). Between them, they will preach four out of the five nights in each city. I travel to each city to preach on the fifth night of each crusade.

September 19, 2022 • Gospel Dynamics in Beira, Mozambique

Gospel Dynamics in Beira, Mozambique

“These men that have turned the world upside down, have come here also.” Acts 17 v 6

This statement sums up the atmosphere and the results of the Great Gospel Crusade in Beira, Mozambique. In an African country situated on the southeastern coast of Africa, the city of Beira is a port city where Portuguese is the official language. Christ for all Nations (CfaN) held a gospel crusade here years before, under Reinhard Bonnke's leadership. Even though this took place twenty-nine years ago, stories and testimonies still circulated about how the power of God moved at that time.

September 18, 2022 • About

Beira, Mozambique

Beira is the capital and largest city of Sofala Province, where the Pungwe River meets the Indian Ocean, in the central region of Mozambique. It is the fourth-largest city by population in Mozambique, after Maputo, Matola and Nampula. Beira had a population of 397,368 in 1997, which grew to 530,604 in 2019. A coastal city, it holds the regionally significant Port of Beira, which acts as a gateway for both the central interior portion of the country as well as the land-locked nations of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.