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June 12, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith and Fear (Part 3) Fearless Faith

The New Testament usually uses only one Greek word for fear, phobeo. Jesus said, “Do not have phobia, have faith.” Jesus had no room for cowards. He said, “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28).

June 1, 2015 • About

About Mbarara

Mbarara is the main municipal, administrative and commercial center of Mbarara District. It is also the location of the district headquarters in Western Uganda, besides being the largest urban centre in the area.

May 22, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith and Fear (Part 2) Analysis of Sin

Nobody adds anything to his or her life by unbelief. It is a dead negative. Faith particularly acts against the fears that populate the future and cause a thousand other fears to haunt us. We either fear God or we fear everything else.

May 15, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith and Fear (Part 1) Introduction

The essence of fear is being faced with something greater than ourselves, some greater person or Being or intelligence or power. Our fear lies with whatever we see as the greatest thing. If we see God as the greatest, we will fear God more than the devil or men. If we fear the devil the most, we think of him as being greater than God.

May 1, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith the Sixth Sense? (Part 4) Faith or Chaos?

Very sanctified and spiritual people can sadly be doubters. Faith and piety do not always go down the street hand-in-hand. Some Christians think you have to be a spiritual giant in order to have great faith. This is backwards. It is the man or woman who is strong in faith who is the spiritual giant. Faith is spiritual strength.

April 27, 2015 • Live Before You Die - Bible Study Series

Enemy #3 The Poison of Unbelief (Part 2) Unbelief Is a Deadly Enemy

Investors often “diversify” their investments because if one venture doesn’t work out, they want to have something else to fall back on. So a common idiom in the business world is, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That means, don’t put all your resources into one investment because if one of your “baskets” breaks and all your “eggs” are in it, you will lose everything. You see, if you are holding back some of your “eggs,” it means you are not 100 percent confident that a particular basket will hold. You may be 50 percent confident or even 99 percent confident, but that small percentage of apprehension is what I am calling “unbelief.” So how do you know when you’ve gotten rid of all the unbelief? When you’ve put all of your eggs into God’s basket.

April 17, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith The Sixth Sense? (Part 3) Faith and Sight

Not seeing is no reason for not believing. Nobody sees radiation. We wait for its effects. Nobody sees God, but millions find the effects in their lives. Unexpected and miraculous things sometimes happen—things that can only be from Him. Even one answered prayer, one healing, one miracle, one deliverance from addiction is evidence of Him. But we do not have just one. Millions of people are healed, millions are delivered, millions of prayers are answered, and millions have experiences that can only be attributed to Jesus Christ, who is risen from the dead.

March 13, 2015 • Live Before You Die - Bible Study Series

Enemy # 3 (Part 3) Unbelief Will Nullify the Power of Faith

James 1:8 says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” You will never really succeed at anything if you are halfway in and halfway out. If God has called you, it is not necessary to have a “backup plan.” You don’t need to hedge your bets. You don’t need to hold some of your eggs back “just in case.” Cast out the unbelief, put all your eggs in God’s basket, burn your ships, and give yourself to Him and His plan, body, soul, and spirit.

March 13, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith the Sixth Sense? (Part 2) Faith Pins Hopes

Faith is based on a personal relationship, not on a mathematical equation. We know what God did yesterday, but we have to trust Him for tomorrow. There are no guarantees. In many ways, faith is akin to love. It is a heart matter. We do not decide to fall in love after weighing all the pros and cons. Couples get married on trust, not on scientific evidence or conclusive logic.

March 3, 2015 • The Link With God's Power - Study Series

Faith The Sixth Sense? (Part 1) Introduction

One fact about faith is that we are what we believe. Thus, we need to monitor what we believe. We make the decision to believe, and what we believe, in turn, will define us. Some believe in UFOs, or that the earth is alive, or in voices from the dead; perhaps they just want to be different. In our lives, we are presented with millions of things we could believe in, but God is supreme. Above all else, He is the one worth believing in.
Even in this modern world, surveys show that practically everybody believes in God—in some sort of God, somewhere.