Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting



Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting


The Crowd Grew 800%!


Dear Mission Partners, 
Tonight was the final night of our mass crusades in Umuahia and Aba South, and we finished on a high note. At our Aba South Crusade, the already large crowd grew tonight by at least 800%! The field was packed and we almost ran out of space, even though everyone was standing!  

Evangelist Lukas Repert wrote: 
"On Saturday, I preached about God creating a new heart in us. And with that, I talked about creative miracles. Today a mother came with her son and testified that her son used to have a big hole in the middle of his chest. And with that he many, many problems and sickness. But when she got home from the crusade last night, she saw that the hole had grown fully closed and the boy was completely healed of all his diseases! Jesus did a creative miracle and rebuilt his entire chest!" 
There are no words to express the kind of impact that these crusades have had in the lives of countless individual people, not to mention the region as a whole.  
  • We were able to take the Gospel into areas where crusades have never gone before (Ogbor Hill).  
  • We were able to see a den of thieves transform into a beacon of hope for a city (Aba South). 
  • We went back to a place where Reinhard Bonnke held a crusade 20 years ago and reached a whole new generation (Ngwa High).  
  • We saw a woman with glaucoma see clearly after 20 years (Umuahia). 
  • And many other mighty miracles and thousands upon thousands of salvations night after night!  
As you can see, we are also multiplying laborers for the sake of the harvest, and it’s working! Because of this multiplication, we were able to conduct FOUR CRUSADES for nearly the same amount of time and money a single crusade would normally cost. Plus, these new evangelists are gaining priceless experience in crusade evangelism that will continue to produce fruit for the rest of their lives and ministries. 


In addition, nearly every school in the region was visited by Bootcamp graduates who preached the Gospel and prayed for the children.  

On street corners and in markets, "Gospel Truck" outreaches were held for several weeks prior to the crusades. Many tens of thousands of salvations took place with these initiatives that so saturated Abia State, the team had to move on to another city at one point because they had preached everywhere! 


In the coming two weeks, two other Bootcamp graduates will stay behind in Nigeria and conduct two more "aftermath" crusades (leveraging the momentum, publicity, logistics and committees/contacts etc. that were established through the 4 mass crusades). As a result, these crusades will cost next to nothing and there will be an EVEN GREATER impact made on the region!


What a glorious start to our 50th year as a ministry. These are the first four of 50 crusades that will happen this year, "From Cape Town to Cairo." I believe we will see upwards of 10 million people come to Christ. 


As I head home now (after nearly four weeks on the road) I’m looking forward to the beginning of the next class of the Evangelism Bootcamp that starts next week. Our International Schools of Evangelism are also about to start their next semester. We also have intense preparations ongoing in the Congo and in Uganda where thousands of pastors have already come together to support our upcoming crusades there. These are the days of harvest and the best is yet to come!  


Yours in the Harvest, 


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda  
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and Evangelists Macoby Donaldson, Robert Enge, Bradley Fisher, Lukas Repert and David Rotärmel) 

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Her baby started moving


Dear Mission Partners, 
Today we were invited to have lunch at the governor’s house. Our entire team went – including technicians, engineers and the local chairmen of the crusades. I was able to pray for, and prophesy to, the governor and his team in an almost official capacity. I felt like an ambassador sent by the King of Kings with a special message to deliver.  

Also, the local chairmen had a chance to express some of their needs and gratitude to the governor in person – yet another example of how these Gospel Crusades build a wonderful platform for the local church to be heard and appreciated within their own nations. Evangelist Bonnke always told me that one of our jobs was to give the local church a voice in high places and to lift them up where we could. 
Tonight, I was at the Umuahia crusade. Bootcamp Graduate Evangelist David Rotärmel preached a powerful Gospel message and then I prayed for the sick. 
As I was praying, I received a word of knowledge that there was a pregnant woman on the field whose baby was no longer moving. I declared that life would come into that baby’s body, even if it was dead, and it would start moving and kicking.  

Suddenly, after I prayed, there was a woman standing before me with a testimony. I asked what had happened to her. She said, “I am the pregnant woman you were talking about.” She looked to be 4 or 5 months pregnant (she actually wasn’t sure how far along she was). She said she had been experiencing a lot of pain in her womb and there was no movement. She could tell something was very wrong. As I was praying tonight, she said all the pain left and the baby started moving! I asked her how long it had been since she’d felt it move and she said “Never!” The people were shouting and rejoicing. It was obvious a wonderful miracle had taken place. But this was just the beginning of many wonderful miracle testimonies, including deaf ears opening, blind eyes seeing, and the lame walking!  


Here are some other testimonies in David Rotärmel’s words: 

A man’s left eye was completely blind for more than ten years. He professed that Jesus saved him and healed him. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda tested his miracle by covering his good eye and he was able to see the Evangelist and caught a handkerchief that Evg Kolenda was waving in front of him.  


Luke, a bricklayer, was not able to properly lift his right arm up because of severe pain for three years. Yesterday he came to the crusade and his arm was healed. He was also able to lift his arm without any pain.  


Allen had an accident in Port Harcourt in 2018. He was not able to move his leg and used to walk with a limp. He was referred to Aba and advised to have surgery. He was not able to do the surgery because he had to work. He had traditionalists also try to medicate him to help his leg, but they couldn’t help him. When Evangelist Daniel Kolenda prayed tonight, his leg was completely healed, and he was able to move freely without any pain. He also had a severe problem with his eyesight. It was getting worse and worse. After the prayer today, his eyes were healed and he was able to see clearly – a true double miracle. 

Benita was deaf in her left ear for 10 consecutive years. After the prayer for healing, her left ear opened and she was able to hear clearly. Daniel tested it out by having her close her good ear and repeat numbers and words. She was able to repeat all the numbers and words that Evangelist Kolenda said. Joyfully, she confessed that Jesus healed her.  

Meanwhile at our other crusade in Aba South, another Bootcamp Graduate, Lukas Repert, was also preaching the Gospel and praying for the crowd to receive a mass baptism in the Holy Spirit. He said, “It was as if instantly the whole field received power from on high. Many started to pray in other tongues, others started to prophesy, others fell under the presence of the Holy Spirit. Demons left all over the field and people experienced deliverance. It was wonderful to see.”  
There were also many mighty testimonies of healing for Aba South including hearts, legs, eyes, knees, malaria and typhoid instantly healed!  
Tomorrow is the grand finale of our two weeks and four crusades here in Abia State. We are believing that Jesus will save the best for last. Please continue to pray for us. 
Yours in the Gospel, 
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda 
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team) 

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Power stations activated!


Dear Mission Partners,  


Tonight, the governor attended one of our crusades (where I was preaching at “Aba South”). He addressed the people, and we learned many interesting details about the significance of our visit.


The Governor of Abia State addresses the crowd 

For one thing, the field on which we are meeting has been a notoriously dangerous place. The jungle was very thick, and criminals used it as a hiding place. One of the local pastors told us that, even though he lives close by, and his church was only a stone’s throw away, for decades he has avoided this place because of the danger.  

This was the very field we chose for our crusade. Our team cleared the jungle. The road running past it, which was broken down and impassable for something like 30 years, was rebuilt, and suddenly, this place known for darkness and danger has become a lighthouse where the Gospel is shining brightly!  

The governor also told us that they just commenced operations at a new power station this week. The American engineer who was in charge of the project told him it’s the first time in his career that when they went to start the turbines, everything worked perfectly on the first try. There is an overwhelming sense that God has providentially orchestrated everything so that at this very time, at this very place, when we are here in Abia State conducting four mass Gospel crusades, all of this blessing is converging.  


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda prays for the Governor of Abia State 

And not only was a power station activated in the natural, but tonight a supernatural Power Station was experienced as well. I often say that, as Christians, our power comes from three sources – The Cross, The Empty Tomb and The Upper Room. The POWER of all three was felt tonight. After preaching the Gospel, we also broke local curses and healed the sick. 


Bradley Fisher preaching in Umuahia 

And while this was going on in Aba South, our other crusade was in full swing at Umuahia, where something very special was also taking place. Tonight, Evangelists Bradley Fisher, who is a graduate of the CfaN Bootcamp (and who has served as my assistant for a couple years) preached his very first evangelistic message at a crusade. He did a phenomenal job and there was a huge response to the Gospel.

At both sites many powerful miracles happened (far too many to relate) and Jesus was glorified. Thank you for praying for us. God is doing great things here in Abia State. 

More to come tomorrow. 

Yours in the Gospel, 


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda 
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN Team )

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Eyes healed after 20 years


Dear Mission Partners, 
Tonight was the first night of our second week here in Nigeria. If you’ve been following my reports, you know that last week we conducted two full Gospel crusades here in Abia State in Nigeria. This week TWO MORE crusades are taking place in two different locations in the same state. Once again, Bootcamp Graduate Evangelists are working with me, shoulder to shoulder. What a joy! 
Evangelists Bradly Fisher and David Rotärmel are stationed at a place called Umuahia—where I started out tonight, preaching the Gospel.  
Nearly 20 years ago, Evangelist Bonnke was on the same field and a mighty crusade happened there which shook the region. But now, a whole new generation is on the scene (according to the CIA World Facebook, the median age in Nigeria is 19.2 years). Two decades later, we are still carrying the torch of the Gospel! 
I believe we are going to see another mighty move of God in this region, not only in Umuahia, but also at our other crusade at National High School where Evangelist Lukas Repert is stationed. 
Lukas writes,  
“When I came to the point of asking who wants to receive Jesus for the first time as their Lord and Savior, surrendering everything to Him, thousands and thousands of arms went up in response. Jesus manifested Himself so strongly in the lives of so many and they will never be the same again! 
Afterwards we started to pray for the sick… 

Amazuna was not able to stand up for 2 years without a lot of pain and very little mobility in his waist. But after the prayer he is fully healed and was able to dance and shake and turn his hip in all directions.  


Confidence was playing football in primary school when she broke her leg. She told us that for 10 years she could not bend her legs, lift them or dance. When the prayer happened, she was completely healed. All the pain was gone and she squatted and danced without any problems.  


Caroline Christine came to the field almost unable to walk because she could not stand upright and only could walk bent over almost 90 degrees. She was in that condition for 1.5 years. During the prayer she was able to stand completely upright and walk properly.  



At Umuahia, Evangelist Fisher prayed for the sick. He writes, “My favorite healing testimony was from a lady named Blessing. She had glaucoma and was unable to see clearly for about 20 years. One of the first things I prayed for was for blind eyes to open and that very moment, her eyes completely opened. Not only did her eyes open but she also had pain in her shoulders and Jesus healed her shoulder pain! Now she is able to move her arm freely with no pain. Only by the blood of Jesus!” 
We saw many other miracles as well, far too many to record, but they included leg injuries, arthritis, head injuries, insomnia, limited mobility, eye problems and many kinds of pain, all healed supernaturally during prayer! 
Tomorrow night, we expect a visit from the Governor, an indication that these crusades are having a profound impact on the region. Please keep praying for us on this second week here in Abia State. 
Yours in the Gospel, 


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda 
(Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team )

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