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The Send is a national campaign and stadium gathering to catalyze every believer into a lifestyle of Christ-like action. We are believing for a tipping point of action that would inspire the church worldwide as we gather on

February 23rd, 2019 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

We believe this could be the spark of a fire that God could use to literally touch this nation, the continent, and the world and to inform you of the opportunity to tangibly take hold, act, and participate (by faith) in this powerful vision for reaching North America and impacting the world. 

We are going to take hold, act, and invest in this dream by faith. Your gift will maximize the impact of this unique event, where, we believe, thousands of every day people will be called to evangelism. You can support The Send today! 

Can you imagine the mighty move of God’s spirit flowing across North America - from North to South, from East to West; with miracles, signs and wonders confirming the Gospel of Jesus Christ? This could not happen at a better time in our nation than now.  Right now we are standing at a pivotal crossroads in history and what happens here and now will impact every nation of the world. The hope of this nation (and the world) is not coming from Washington; it’s not coming from Universities; it must come from a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Before Isaiah even knew what God’s dream was, he boldly stood up and said, “Here am I send me” (Isaiah 6:8).

Please know we will always continue our massive efforts in Africa and every penny, dedicated for those initiatives, remains in place. We are talking about life-changing events not only abroad, but here in North America that will produce eternity-impacting harvests that can never be measured by dollars or cents.  They will be priceless!

Below you have the opportunity to take hold, act, and invest in this dream with us in any way the Lord leads and enables you.