Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting



Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting


Jesus is the Hero! – Hero Stadium, Zambia

Hero Stadium, Zambia
Jesus is the Hero!

Hero Stadium is the biggest stadium in Zambia, situated in the capital city of Lusaka, and it’s known throughout the nation. This was the perfect place for me to preach on the final night of Operation Decapolis, bringing the eleven crusades to a close. It was also the last night for Evangelists Joe Turnbull and Evelina Smane, who had been preaching there the previous four days, seeing tens of thousands come to Jesus!

L to R: Joe Turnbull, Daniel Kolenda and Evelina Smane
Joe Turnbull and Evelina Smane preached the Gospel on alternate evenings. After the altar call each night, Evangelist Daniel Kobida gave a short faith-building message before praying for the sick. He assisted Joe and Evelina for the whole crusade. There were many, many wonderful testimonies of God’s awesome healing power. Here are just a few!

This young woman was born completely blind in both eyes. During the prayer for the sick, both eyes opened and she could see. She demonstrated her healing by correctly counting the number of fingers Daniel was holding up, and gave Jesus all the glory!

He had suffered with a heart condition since 1991 and would breathe heavily with the lightest exertion. Jumping was out of the question. But during the prayer, suddenly his breathing became easy. With tremendous joy, he leapt on the stage, glorifying God for his healing.


In 2013, this woman had an accident and fractured her leg. When this happened, there was a strike in town, and she could not go to the hospital. She later went to the doctor to get medicine so she could bear the pain. Ever since, she could not do hard work, jump, or even stand for a long time. On the first day of the crusade, she felt a fire burning inside of her when Evelina prayed for the sick. The pain was gone, so she walked a long distance home. When she woke up the next morning, she still had no pain! Her grandson came with her as a witness to this miracle as she testified at the crusade.


Persistent faith! This woman suffered strong pain on the left side of her body for three years. This pain affected her daily tasks. She came the first night, hoping for a miracle, yet nothing happened. But she didn’t give up. She came again on night two, then night three – still nothing. Finally, on night four, when the evangelist prayed for healing in the name of Jesus, she was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and fell to the ground while in the presence of God. All the pain left her! On stage, she danced and shouted, overwhelmed with joy at what God had done. 
We praise God for every life touched by God during the crusades in Zambia. Thank you, with all my heart, for helping us GO and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your prayers and financial support are integral to every salvation that happens through this ministry. We love you and appreciate you!
Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

Jesus Gives Peace – Mtendere, Zambia

Mtendere, Zambia
Jesus Gives Peace

Mtendere is a densely populated part of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital. Interestingly, Mtendere means “peace” in the local dialect. During our Decapolis Initiative, the people who live there came face-to-face with the giver of peace Himself – Jesus! In this bustling part of the city, it was Evangelists Jacob Ebersole and Evelina Smane who carried the lion’s share of the preaching for this 5-night crusade. 

L to R: Jacob Ebersole, Daniel Kolenda and Evelina Smane
Right from the start, God moved in power, healing and delivering people in the most wonderful ways. Every single night of a crusade follows roughly this format: We praise the Lord, we preach the Gospel, we call sinners to repent, and we pray for the sick expecting them to be healed. What a privilege it is to witness the tidal wave of salvations and miracles that follows! When the Gospel is preached, the Lord confirms His word with signs and wonders. Here are just a few of the many testimonies that were shared from the stage in Mtendere.

This young girl was plagued by intense headaches, eye pain and shortsightedness. She came believing for a miracle and left the first evening still believing she would receive it. When she got home, her sight cleared, and her headache and eye pain disappeared. On the second night, she testified of her miracle, declaring, “I am so happy, I can reach the sky!”

Because of a tumor in her stomach, this woman had not been able to eat solid food for almost six months. When the evangelists prayed for the sick on night two, she felt something happening inside her body. That night, she went home and ate a big meal, with no pain whatsoever! She came to give God the glory publicly the next night.

This woman had problems with both of her legs for many years, forcing her to walk very slowly. By the time she arrived at the crusade grounds, she felt very weak. Then, while Evelina was praying, she felt power coursing through her legs and strength returning to her body. She realized she could stand and even kneel without pain! Jesus healed her!

Sarah woke up one morning in 2020 to find she could not see out of one eye. During the healing prayer, she felt a burning sensation in her eyeball and was instantly healed, seeing perfectly with both eyes. Thank you, Jesus!
Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(Here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

The Power of the Cross – Chawama, Zambia

Chawama, Zambia
The Power of the Cross


Evangelists Levi Lutz and Brittany Sanderlin were stationed in Chawama, Zambia, for the recent Operation Decapolis there. This was one of eleven 5-night crusades that happened in less than two weeks. 

L to R: Brittany Sanderlin, Daniel Kolenda, Levi Lutz

Levi Lutz shared with us:
I will never forget what our team experienced in Chawama. I was accompanied in this crusade by my co-Evangelist Brittany Sanderlin with many other Bootcamp Graduates on our team. It was so amazing to see these incredible men and women of God, who not long ago were students in the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp being mentored by Evangelist Kolenda and myself, now standing shoulder to shoulder next to us on the harvest field.

Night after night, the Spirit of the Lord moved so powerfully in Chawama. The crowd grew dramatically from one night to the next and each night thousands, both young and old, made first-time decisions for Christ and received Jesus as Lord and Savior!


We not only saw multitudes saved in Chawama, but those who were demon possessed or oppressed by witchcraft found freedom as devils were cast out and demons began to flee at the mighty name of Jesus!
My friend, I can tell you this… The Gospel still has the power to save, heal, deliver, and set free. The Cross of Calvary has not lost one drop of power, and the precious blood of Jesus is still flowing. We are living in the greatest days of history right now!

This young mother, Sarah, brought her son Darius to the stage. She was so excited, she could barely get the words out to tell us that her baby’s neck had been bent and stiff since birth. God healed him completely, and instantly the child could move his head with full range of motion!


Irene came on the first night, hoping for a miracle. Although she was 4 months pregnant, the baby had died, and she was given medication to hasten the miscarriage. But during the prayer for the sick on Night One, she felt movement in her belly. On the second night, she came to testify that she had been to the doctor, and he confirmed her baby is alive!

Priska was paralyzed from the waist down for five long years. She declared from the stage: “God has done a great thing today!” and demonstrated her total healing by running up and down before the crowd.

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

From Darkness to Light – George, Zambia

George, Zambia
From Darkness to Light


Evangelists Alejandro Escobar and Joe Turnbull preached nightly in George District, a compound of the capital city, Lusaka. This is an area well-known for criminality and desperate poverty.

L to R: Brittany Sanderlin, Joe Turnbull, Daniel Kolenda, Alejandro Escobar
Alejandro Escobar shared with us:
When we walked into the compound of George, the atmosphere felt heavy. On the first day, it was very difficult to get the people to even dance or respond. Evangelist Joe and I had to push, preach and plough the ground for the first two days. This field was known for the strongholds of drugs and witchcraft, but the Gospel has a way of drawing all men and piercing the hearts of sinners. 
After two days of ploughing, something powerful occurred. On the third night, as we preached about the Blood of Jesus, and the power it has to break chains, heal bodies, and save the lost, thousands called upon the name of Jesus. But not only that – hundreds of people brought their idols, witchcraft, juju, drugs and so on to be burned in the barrels in front of the crowd.


We burned the idols and prayed to break the curses over the land, and in that moment something glorious happened. Suddenly the peace of God descended upon that field. For the first time that week, the people erupted into praise and dance, singing “There is power in the name of JESUS!” True freedom and joy filled the atmosphere.
That night was a genuine breakthrough and the days that followed were glorious. The Holy Spirit kept pouring out blessings. Miracles spontaneously erupted all over the field. Crutches and wheelchairs were left behind. Blind eyes were opened and tumors were healed! The light of the Kingdom of God shone in the darkness, and the darkness could not overcome it. Jesus is King over George!

For 11 years before she came to the crusade, Raquel wasn’t able to see properly in bright light. After the prayer for the sick, she could see everything and everyone, even under the very bright lights onstage. To demonstrate her healing, she read the Bible in front of everyone. 

On Sunday night, a man called James came to testify on stage. He had been a witchdoctor, but the night before, he gave his life to Jesus.



James knew he couldn’t live like that anymore, so he brought three full bags of juju, amulets, fetishes and other items he used for witchcraft, and burned it in front of all the people. The crusade director, Isaac Nasaari, sent me an update about this ex-witchdoctor. He is now part of a local church in George where he is being discipled and he is preaching to all his past customers who call him for witchdoctor services, leading them to Christ. This is the true power of the precious blood of Jesus! From darkness to light!
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

Doctor Jesus is here! – Ngombe, Zambia

Ngombe, Zambia
Doctor Jesus is here!


It was “all systems go” from the start in Ngombe, where Evangelist Michael Job was stationed together with Evangelists Emmanuel and Deborah Cohen for one of the eleven CfaN crusades that took place in Zambia recently. 

L to R: Michael Job, Daniel Kolenda, Deborah Cohen, Emmanuel Cohen

The first night, they were joined by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, who taught on faith and prayed for the sick. Miracles broke out all over the crowd, including a grandma who had been blind for so many years, she couldn’t remember how long! But that was just the beginning of what the Lord would do in Ngombe during the 5-night crusade.


Deborah Cohen preached: “When you meet Jesus, your life must change! Let him who has lied, lie no more! Let him who has stolen, steal no more! Let him who has murdered, murder no more!” Thousands responded and accepted Jesus as their Savior.
After the altar call, her husband Emmanuel taught from Mark 1:40 on the man with leprosy who asked Jesus if He was willing to heal him. Jesus replied, “I am willing! Be cleansed!” As Emmanuel spoke, faith was rising. He said, “Maybe there’s someone here tonight, you’ve been to many different doctors and specialists who couldn’t help you. But tonight is different. Tonight, Doctor Jesus is on the field! He is always willing, and always able to heal!” As he began to pray for the sick, the crowd roared “Amen!” in agreement. Miracles began breaking out as Doctor Jesus, the only doctor with no limitations, began healing diseases, pain and brokenness.


Evangelist Michael Job gave everyone an opportunity to put their witchcraft fetishes, juju, charms and demonic items in the burn barrels. Then we lit them on fire! The atmosphere at the crusade was tangibly different as Michael roared from the stage. The crowd shouted a loud “AMEN!!” every time he called out a false god and broke its power. Combined with the flames shooting into the air, it was wild – a very visual picture of strongholds being broken forever.

Catherine Madinga had a stroke three months previously, leaving her legs paralyzed. The crowd erupted as she walked freely on the stage, all stroke symptoms gone!


Patricia Lungu was sick for 6 months with sickle cell anaemia, an extremely painful disease that left her unable to walk. As she gave her testimony, she was weeping - still in shock at what Jesus did – because she could walk again without pain!


After seven years of using crutches, this grandma was so excited to show everyone how Jesus had healed her.




Angelina was smiling from ear to ear when she came on stage. She said she had walked to the crusade with the help of a walking stick. In fact, she had been unable to walk without the stick for a long time. Emmanuel asked her where the stick was now. With a huge grin, she said she’d left it where she’d been sitting. She didn’t need it anymore!
By the end of the crusade in Ngombe, we were already receiving reports of churches being flooded with new converts. Revival has broken out in Ngombe! 
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

An explosion of miracles! – Chipata, Zambia

Chipata, Zambia
An explosion of miracles!


Before the crusade in Chipata, Zambia, began, Evangelists Robert Enge and Randy Roberts heard reports from the crusade organizers (Evangelists Emmanuel and Debora Cohen) about the incredible unity and cooperation amongst the churches there. This would be the very first Gospel Crusade ever held in Chipata, a rural town in eastern Zambia, and the anticipation was sky-high.

Evangelists Robert Enge and Randy Roberts preached in Chipata, joined by Evangelist Kolenda on the fourth night.

Evangelist Deborah Cohen shared:
There were many hurdles to overcome in Chipata. On the first night, Evangelist Randy Roberts held a special pre-service healing time. Before the crusade began, he built faith and expectation, and shared a small message on healing. It was great – but then our generator went out. And then our backup generator quit! All the sound and lights went out immediately around the field. Any normal evangelist might have been fazed but it didn’t stop Evangelist Roberts. Just as he’d learned in CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, he began to project as loud as he could without skipping a beat. Our team ran to set up a small portable speaker we use for Youth Crusades. With a tiny speaker amplifying to over 30,000 people, Randy continued to preach on healing. Then, just as he began to pray for the sick, the speaker’s battery died! The crowd was too big to hear him, so our 200-person choir began to sing. 

But NOTHING will stop what JESUS wants to do! Without hesitation, Evangelist Roberts continued to pray for the sick from the stage. People couldn’t even hear him over the choir. He continued to pray, full of faith and expectancy. You know what happened next?

Amazing miracles began breaking out!! 
Even though the crowd couldn’t hear him, testimony after testimony began coming in. By the time Evangelist Robert Enge arrived, ready to preach a Gospel message, there was a huge line of people waiting to testify that God had healed them. It was as if a supernatural fuse has been lit that night.


Evangelist Robert Enge told us:
It is the honor of a lifetime to be one of the guest evangelists, preaching the Gospel alongside Daniel Kolenda, but it’s equally humbling that we get to play an integral role in the vision of a Decade of Double Harvest, specifically in multiplication. While Randy Roberts and I were co-evangelists, preaching each night, we were also training two more fiery, spirit-filled evangelists.

This power couple, Emmanuel and Deborah Cohen, not only ministered alongside us, but also lived in the city of Chipata for several months as the organizers of our crusade. Both graduated from the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp and have been serving with CfaN for the past few years in Africa. The local bishops and pastors raved about their exceptional work ethic and leadership, crediting them with how the church has united in their city. They are yet another example of how the Lord is helping CfaN multiply for a Decade of Double Harvest!



On the Saturday, after Evangelist Kolenda preached the Gospel and brought multitudes to the foot of the cross, Randy prayed for the people to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord swept all across the field! That supernatural fuse had reached ignition point. I began to pray for the sick and within moments, there was an explosion of miracles! Dozens of crutches, sticks and even wheelchairs started being lifted up everywhere.







This man had used a crutch for five years. He could not contain his joy and came on stage “walking and leaping and praising God”!


Her leg was broken in a motorcycle accident. While Evangelist Randy was praying for the sick, he had a word of knowledge that God was healing someone’s broken leg. When she heard that, she knew it was for her, and took a true step of faith. She was healed instantly and walked without support for the first time in months.



Weeks before the crusade, this man heard the adverts on the radio. He lives very far away. When he mentioned the name of the town, the crowd gasped. He had been suffering with back pain for three months. Reading about healing in Isaiah, he believed the promise was for him and drove all the way to Chipata. His faith was rewarded when Jesus took his pain away!


This woman had a lump on her left breast for over seven years. She attended on the first night, and when she woke up the next morning, the lump was gone!


These are tears of joy! Elijah was born deaf, but Jesus opened his ears. Emmanuel tested his hearing, by standing behind him without his microphone and saying, “Jesus” or “Hallelujah”. Elijah would indicate when he heard the noise in the mic. His hearing was completely healed!
The population of the district of Chipata is 327,059.  Over the course of our 5-day crusade, 82,489 people received Jesus as Savior. Chipata will never be the same! 
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)


Toddler’s paralyzed arm healed! – Mansa, Zambia


For the people of Mansa, the CfaN Gospel Crusade from 26 – 30 April was an answer to two decades of prayer. It had been over twenty years since that region had experienced anything like a crusade, and the people were so hungry for a move of God.

Evangelists David Rotärmel and Levi Lutz carried the crusade in Mansa.


Before the crusade had even started, the Gospel Truck was pressed into service, spreading the word about the crusade – but most importantly, preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick. Thousands came to know Jesus before the main event began!


Already on the second night, the crowd had grown so much, people were sitting on roofs and climbing trees, so eager to hear the Gospel.


This woman’s faith was so strong that she made the long journey all the way from Congo to attend the crusade. For two years, she had suffered with tuberculosis in the bones of her left leg, leaving her on crutches. As she testified on stage, a man came running forward. It was her doctor, who had also made the trip from Congo! He joyfully confirmed that she was his patient and was now clearly healed. 


After fracturing her hip in 2019, this woman was left with severe, constant pain. She could not jump or squat or bend without agony. The doctors told her that she would need a hip replacement to ever be normal again. But during the prayer for healing, the pain melted away, and she demonstrated her full range of movement on stage.


For two years, this little boy’s right arm and hand were completely paralyzed. As Evangelist David prayed for the sick, the boy’s mother placed her hand on her child’s arm. It began to move, touched by Jesus! On stage, he showed how he can now lift and move his arm with ease. 


We praise God for everything He did in Mansa. Thank YOU so much, because this is what your donations do! Your prayers and support are crucial to this ministry, and we appreciate you.
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

Paralyzed for 19 years, healed instantly! – Bauleni, Zambia


I joined Evangelists David Rotärmel and Richard Fullwood in Bauleni for the first night of the Gospel Campaign there (3 – 7 May), preaching the Gospel before being whisked away to Ngombe for a second meeting that night. 


According to Evangelist David Rotärmel, that was just the beginning of a remarkable move of God in Bauleni:
“On Thursday night, I preached "Choose Life!", a message that urges people to repent and turn their lives completely over to Jesus. Choose Jesus, and you choose life. After the Gospel message and a short teaching on faith and healing, we started praying for the sick and something happened that I have not witnessed before.
Without any singing or worship music playing, the atmosphere shifted and the glory of God filled the field. The wildest miracles started breaking out! Dozens of wheelchairs and crutches were lifted in the air as miracle after miracle started happening all over the field. It went on and on and people were getting touched and healed everywhere. Jesus, the King over sickness, entered the field and established His kingdom.


In moments like this, we realize that the Gospel truly is the power of God being released when it is preached (Romans 1:16). When we called people to testify, queues of healed people lined up. So many cripples started walking that Thursday night, we interviewed four of them at the same time. They threw their crutches off the stage, no longer needing them!

The next day, we went to visit some of the people who had been healed, including this lady, Christine Daka. She and her family told us Christine suffered a stroke in 2004, leaving her with completely paralyzed legs and limited use of her arms. She met us at the door, and excitedly told us how she had woken up before dawn, gone shopping and was cooking a meal for her family for the first time in nearly 20 years! She said that when she heard the prayer for the sick, she simply stood up, believing she was healed.” 

    -    Evangelist David Rotärmel

This man was bound to his wheelchair for three years, but now he can walk!


Kenneth was beaten and left for dead in a ditch. His broken leg healed badly, causing him to limp – until Jesus healed him, and he leapt and danced on stage with joy!


Straight after the crusade ended, Rev. Ephraim Kambanji (a pastor involved in the crusade) shared, “We went to open a branch in one of the rural towns and the first day, we had 126 people give their lives to Jesus. Many people got healed instantly that night and even a witchdoctor gave his life to Jesus. Then the number continued growing as people kept coming for prayers and at the end the numbers of those attended tripled. We have opened two cell groups out of the decision cards that were collected during the crusade.”

The crusade in Bauleni is over, but the work of God there continues! This is the kind of increase – lasting fruit – that we long for, and that your donations make possible. Thank you for helping us reach Bauleni for Jesus. We love you. 
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

7-year-old boy walks for the first time! – Garden District, Zambia


Isn’t it just incredible to see how each one of the 11 crusades in Zambia had its own flavor – yet in every one of them, Jesus was lifted high! This week, we’re rejoicing over Garden District, a “compound” of Lusaka, where most people hardly ever leave the area. But for five days, we took the Gospel to their very doorsteps.


On the first night, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda arrived and opened the crusade with a simple, crystal-clear Gospel message. He introduced Evangelists Gary Smith and Jared Horton to the people along with Evangelist Gabriel Garcia, who also assisted in praying for the sick in these meetings.
For the remainder of the crusade, these men of God preached and proclaimed Jesus every night. They broke curses over the compound, they prayed for baptism in the Holy Spirit, and they prayed for the sick. Salvation, signs, wonders, and miracles took place every night!
Here are a few of the powerful highlights that took place in the Garden District of Lusaka, Zambia!


This 7-year-old boy who had a disability stood up and walked for the first time in his life! His aunt, who took him to the crusade, brought him to the platform and testified of the miracle-working power of God.


This lady testified that she had leg pain that felt like fire for many years. She could not walk without pain in her legs. After we prayed for the sick, she is completely pain-free.
On Thursday, the second night, the crowd grew by 33%! Jared preached a clear Gospel message about Zaccheus. When asked who wanted to accept Jesus as their personal savior, hands went up all over the field and thousands responded to the Gospel.


On the Friday night, Evangelist Gary Smith preached a powerful message on “The Power in the Blood of Jesus.” Then he broke the powers of witchcraft in the name of Jesus, and burned many witchcraft items that people brought to the crusade field as they are now born-again Christians. As those idols burned, the crowd cheered with great praise to God!


Evangelist Gary Smith had a word of knowledge that scars and tattoos from witch doctors were being removed in Jesus's name. The first lady that came to the platform testified that scars on her stomach from childhood had disappeared!


This little girl was unable to move her arm for years until Jesus touched her.
Saturday night was “Holy Spirit Night”, with many thousands receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit. On the final night of the crusade, Evangelist Gary Smith preached a powerful word on the law of Salvation. The net was cast for the final time, and thousands made decisions for Christ. Evangelist Gabriel Garcia prayed for the sick one last time, many wonderful miracles took place.

She told us she had “walked like a duck”, painfully bent over for four years. She was completely healed, stood up straight and walked across the platform standing tall!

This woman could not open her right hand or stretch her fingers for four years. During prayer, her hand functionality was completely restored. Now she has full mobility and use of her hand.

See below for more images and reports!
Praise God for every person saved, healed and delivered in Garden District! 
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

30 hours by canoe to hear the Gospel! – Mongu, Zambia

30 hours by canoe to hear the Gospel!


Can you imagine being so hungry for the Gospel that you would travel THIRTY HOURS to get to a crusade meeting?! Today I want to tell you about the miracle of Mongu, one of the 11 crusades we just conducted in Zambia. It began when Jana Bielava (one of our Decapolis directors) was doing a radio interview in Zambia…
“During the last Decapolis, in September 2022, I was interviewed at a local radio station. While I was in the waiting room at the studio, I examined a map of Zambia and prayed about it. While I was praying, God drew my attention to Mongu, the most western town in the country, situated as far as you can get from Lusaka (the capital). 

Jana Bielava with the Mongu organizational team
When it was time for my interview, I sat down in the chair, and right in front of my eyes was a sticker that said “Mongu”. This was the second time God had drawn my attention to Mongu, so I began to wonder what was happening there. After the interview there were dial-ins, with people asking for prayers, and a caller asked, “When are you coming to Mongu?” I was immediately interested, as God had brought Mongu to my attention three times in a single hour. So a few months later, we sent a scouting team to Mongu. They came back and reported that that city hadn’t had a crusade since 1994. I said, “Praise God! Let’s go!”
The rest is history. It was one of the biggest crusades we had this last Decapolis. It was absolutely phenomenal! Evangelists Gary Smith and Alejandro were stationed there for the five nights, with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda joining them on the third day of the crusade.

Left to Right: Evangelists Gary Smith, Daniel Kolenda and Alejandro Escobar
When I flew in to see the crusade, we walked into the ground around noon and it was packed with hundreds of people, sitting on their mats under the trees. We started talking to them. Most of them were suffering from all kinds of ailments, and Evangelist Gary Smith and I started praying over them.

I said to one woman, “Mama. Tell me what’s wrong with you?” She answered, “I have problems with my legs.” I asked, “Where did you come from?” She named a village in the middle of nowhere, and I asked, “How far is that? How long did it take you to get here?”  She explained that it took thirty hours to get there. Thirty hours! So I asked, “How did you get here? Did you take a bus? Did you walk?” She answered, “No, I came here by canoe - it took me thirty hours by canoe.” She explained that she had heard about the crusade on the radio: “I heard the announcement and I knew I had to come and get healed.”
Hundreds of people were camped in the grounds, stretched out on their mats, cooking their nshima (corn meal) under the trees. It was absolutely amazing. And Mongu turned out to be an extraordinary crusade. The people were so keen, so desperate to meet God, so ready to receive Him. I’m so glad He told me, three times in one hour, to go to that place. It really was the appointed time for Mongu.”
     - Jana Bielava (Decapolis Director)
There were so many miracle testimonies recorded! This 23-year-old man, Humphrey Style, was in constant back pain, could not walk properly, and certainly not work out. God healed him while he was on his way to the crusade! Overflowing with joy, he did push-ups onstage to show his newfound strength and freedom.

Emanuel had been in pain for a year and had to use crutches for two months. But during the prayer for the sick, he “felt something go through his feet”. Suddenly all pain was gone!

This young man lost his sight at a young age and couldn’t see for 21 years. Jesus healed him and he could see how many fingers the evangelist was holding up. He declared that Jesus is the healer!

More testimonies, photos and videos here!
Thank you for standing with us so that people so hungry for God could encounter the living Jesus! 
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)

SIX witchdoctors meet Jesus! – Chingola, Zambia

Over the next couple months, I’ll be sharing more of the wonderful testimonies and reports pouring in from each of the locations where we just completed ELEVEN 5-night crusades in Zambia. Can you imagine what a tsunami of glorious stories of God’s power that has unleashed? We’re starting with Chingola, where Evangelists Randy Roberts and Lukas Repert (both Bootcamp graduates who were trained by me) were stationed. 

Evangelist Randy Roberts shares:
Typically, on Friday night we preach a message on the power of the blood of Jesus and we burn the barrels for the first time. These are 55-gallon drums with holes bored in the sides that we have people put “juju” into. This includes any kind of witchcraft items — idols, talismans, potions, powders and so on. On Thursday night, I encouraged people to bring any of these things and added that they should invite all the witchdoctors they knew of so we could see who was truly God.
Little did I know that many of the local pastors and bishops felt a bit nervous because of my invitation. You see, the field we were on in Chingola had a history of which I was unaware. The field, Kaunda Square, was known for witchcraft.

There had been ritualistic killings performed there for many years, and where two live trees and an old tree stump stood, people worshipped false gods and hanged themselves as a form of self-sacrifice.

Our crusade director, Brady Liette, had a major battle with the city over cutting these trees down. They were terrified that the people would be furious and cause chaos. Fortunately, one of the leading local bishops, who was our crusade chairman, is good friends with the President of Zambia. He instructed the mayor to allow us to cut the trees down. When they did so, the top witchdoctor, also known as a stone dealer, went crazy with grief and then disappeared... for a while.
Fast forward to Friday night of the crusade. That same stone dealer, whose name is Datsun, heard the invitation, came to the crusade with some of his juju, and put it in the barrels! Unfortunately, he didn’t put it all in and had not yet received Jesus, so he was demonically tormented all night when he went home. On Saturday, he brought the rest. We helped him take it off his body and burn it. Then were able to preach the Gospel to him, and he got saved.

We rejoiced over what Jesus had done in his life and asked him to go up on stage and share his testimony. Then my friend, Evangelist Lukas Repert, laid hands on him and he was slain in the spirit. Hallelujah!

Shortly after that someone came from the side of the stage to tell me that there were five more witch doctors who had heard Datsun give his testimony. They wanted to talk to me and also give their lives to Jesus! So I went and preached the Gospel to them, led them in the salvation prayer, and then handed them over to the bishops who had been dubious about my initial invitation. Needless to say, they had a whole new, positive attitude toward the situation!
Evangelist Lukas Repert shares:
To me, the most amazing thing by far that God did was to heal a two-year-old child who had a tumor the size of an apple on the outside of his head.This visibly melted back to a few centimeters during the healing prayer!The mother came to us in tears and reported what had happened.

On the second night, Daniel Kolenda preached. I love it when the Holy Spirit’s leading is suddenly made visible. Daniel Kolenda's topic was Zacchaeus and while he was talking about Zacchaeus being too short to see Jesus and having to climb a tree to do so, everyone on the field suddenly noticed that there were about 20 children sitting in a tree next to the stage! It was a perfect illustration of the message.

After that, Randy Roberts prayed for all the sick, and mighty signs and wonders happened.God showed so many people at once how much he loves them!At one moment I saw four wheelchairs in the field at the same time, which were no longer needed.

A young girl whose side was covered with scars from failed surgeries was able to raise her arm for the first time, and will now be able to care for herself without help.

Thank you, with all my heart, to every partner who has brought us this far. Isn’t it incredible that we have been able to do eleven crusades for practically the same cost as a single crusade in the past? Your donations are truly being multiplied!
Keep an eye out for the second praise report from another five-night campaign in Zambia, coming your way next week…
Together with you for the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN Team)