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Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting



Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting


Equipping Evangelists for a Decade of Double Harvest

A couple of years ago, the Lord gave me a vision for a Decade of Double Harvest.  In 1987, our ministry, Christ for all Nations, started tracking new converts that were being saved at our gospel crusades. This was necessary, because we implemented a new follow-up system that was designed to usher these new converts into local churches. We wanted them to be discipled, because Jesus didn’t say, “Go and make converts,” He said, “Go and make disciples.” Since that time, we’ve counted 79 million registered decisions for Christ. This is surely one of the greatest seasons, if not the single greatest season of harvest in the history of the world. What I believe the Lord showed me, with the Decade of Double Harvest is that, as amazing as those previous results were, this next season would be even greater. In fact, we would literally double the harvest in the next decade. In other words, we would see as many people saved over the next ten years, as we saw in the first 30 years combined, bringing that number of new converts to well over 150 million.  

So how is this possible? Our Christ for all Nations Team, worldwide, is already stretched, almost to the breaking point. Doubling our work would be impossible. But what I sensed from the Lord was that, this increase would come, not through addition, but through multiplication. So, for the last couple of years, I’ve been training men and women with a burning heart for evangelism to go out, preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and bring the kingdom of heaven wherever they go. But that’s not all. We aren’t just equipping them. We are also giving a select few a platform on the field, and providing them with all the tools necessary to do the actual work, and the results have been astonishing.  

Here is an example of how we provide a platform for these evangelists. In Africa, our talented team of world-class technicians have built a fleet of custom-made mobile crusade units, affectionately known as “gospel trucks.” These are designed to give our evangelists a platform in the most unusual places. They preach in villages, markets, schools, prisons, orphanages, and street corners, basically anywhere and everywhere. These outreaches happen strategically, for several weeks leading up to one of our mass gospel crusades. It’s important to understand that these are not just “hit and run” evangelistic outreaches. Our gospel trucks are connected with the main crusade’s organizing team. Each village outreach has participating churches where new converts can be discipled and our evangelists partner with local pastors to train ushers and counselors, to preach with interpreters, and have local worship teams participate. These are literally little crusades that happen all over the area.

A great example of how this worked was in Nakuru, Kenya. For seven weeks leading up to the crusade, we had four evangelists on the ground, conducting up to 32 outreaches per day. Over those seven weeks prior to the crusade, they ministered in over 600 outreaches, and led more than 200,000 people to Christ. They had situations in public schools, where the power of God swept through the school, hundreds of students were laid out on the ground under the power of God, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Other students were dramatically delivered of demon possession in the principal’s office of a public school.  We are talking about radical, full-blown crusade evangelism, with signs and wonders, and a massive harvest of souls that leads into local churches.  

Here’s why I’m telling you this. Over the next ten years, as part of the Decade of Double Harvest, I plan to train, equip and launch 20,000 evangelists in this same fashion. Some of them will go on to be the next Reinhard Bonnke’s and Billy Graham’s of the next generation. Those 20,000 students will be required to go through one to two years of training. However, before that program starts, I’m looking for a small, elite group to train this coming year - this coming January.  

This is a fast-track to the field for a very small, very special group of people. If you’re interested in this, if you’re ready to go and lay down your life for the gospel and pay any price, I want to hear from you. This is not for those looking for an ordinary ministry school, or want to learn about the Bible. This is not going to be a six-month conference where you get good teaching and soak. There is nothing wrong with those things, but this is going to be an intense training for evangelists who burn to touch the world with the gospel. That’s who I’m looking for. If that’s you, please APPLY TODAY. January is fast approaching, so do not delay.  

Apply today while seats are still available! 

Yours in the Harvest, 

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Christ for all Nations

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