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Warri, Nigeria


Warri is a town and port in the Delta state, located in southern Nigeria. It lies along the Warri River in the western Niger River delta, 30 miles upstream from the port of Forcados. Founded by Prince Ginuwa from Benin (60 miles north) in the late 15th century, it grew to become the political and trading capital of the Itsekiri kingdom of Warri.


The Urhobos, Ijaws and Itsekiris comprise the majority of people in Warri. However, due to its urban status, there is a large influx of people from all over the country, most notably the Igbos.

Land and Climate

The climate is monsoonal and is marked by two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season lasts from about November to April and is significantly marked by the cool "harmattan" dusty haze from the north-east winds. The rainy season spans May to October with a brief dry spell in August, but it frequently rains even in the dry season. The area is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate with mean annual temperature of 32.8 °C (91.04 °F).


The economic base of the city lies in the presence of a refinery and other oil and gas companies. An oil-products pipeline runs from the refinery to Kaduna and Kano in northern Nigeria. Nearby is Aladja, an integrated steel-plant designed to make Warri one of the leading steel centers in the country. Warri has also furniture and soft-drink factories.






Event Dates: February 13th - 16th, 2020

Coordinates: 5.5544° N, 5.7932° E

Elevation: 21 meters (68.9 ft)

Population: 311,970 inhabitants (2006)

Last CfaN Crusade in Warri: 2003 (Dec. 8 – Dec. 13)