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Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting



Documented Decisions for Christ and Counting


Come and See

Friends, when you hear “Giant Screen”, do you think of movie screens or screens at sporting events? When we at CfaN hear Giant Screen, something else comes to mind…

When we say Giant Screens, we are talking about a set of:

• 2 Massive LED screens

• 32+ feet (9.6 + meters) wide

• 24+ feet (7+ meters) tall

• Delivering a clear visual image of 768 square feet (71+ sq meters)!

We are THRILLED to have found screens suitable for the African climate and extensive travels we conduct for the crusades. With new and improved technology, it can honestly become an exciting reality!

The screens are both wind and weatherproof. And literally - we can visually bring thousands of people into a genuine, front row experience to not only hear but to also clearly see God moving and ministering in miracle-working power. The Giant Screens will be utilized for many years to come!

Spiritually speaking, it can come down to the 3 life-changing words that Philip said to his friend Nathanael (in John 1:46) when he told him he had found Jesus the Messiah. He simply said, “COME and SEE.” In other words, Philip was saying “Don’t take my word for it, just come and see for yourself. You’ll believe.”

Help bring these Giant Screens to the Harvest Field! 

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