Become an Altar Worker

We are very excited to announce Christ for all Nations and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda will partner together with Azusa Now and Lou Engle’s ministry, The Call, for a life changing event in Cleveland, Ohio on July 22nd -23rd 2017.

On the second night of the event on July 23rd, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda will hold a "Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade." This is very exciting news, both for the lost and for the churches in Cleveland. It is a great opportunity for you to see new believers be discipled in your church.

We will need Altar Call Workers to assist during the salvation call time on July 23rd. This will be the crusade night with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

The expectation is about 2000 decisions for Christ. In order for us to successfully take names of the new converts for distribution to local participating churches, we will need at least 1500  registered  altar workers.  Time is limited to gather these volunteers! So please partner with us to make a difference and ensure not one soul gets lost.  SIGN UP BELOW to make a difference! Let us work as one for the sake of the Kingdom and rally together to see Cleveland reached with the gospel! Visit Azusa Now: Cleveland for more event information.


Altar Workers assist during the Altar Call to collect the information from the new converts using the decision card found on the back of the Now That You Are Saved booklet.


For Cleveland Area

Attend Mandatory training on Friday night July 21st.

Church on the North Coast
Valley View Campus
7635 Granger Rd
Valley View, OH 44125

• Must be at least 16 years old.

• Read the Now That You Are Saved booklet prior to attending the crusade. It is important that you are familiar with the booklet prior to the crusade altar call. It will be handed out at the training.

• You must be physically able to bear the work load, walk and climb stairs throughout the venue, as you will be assisting during the event.

• You are responsible for food, travel and hotel expenses while volunteering.

• We ask that you do not bring along children that require adult supervision as it will interfere with your volunteer duties.

Be a laborer in the Kingdom and sign up today for this life changing opportunity to see thousands of new believers ushered into the Kingdom of God! Remember to invite the lost to the Gospel Crusade and spread the word to your friends and family!

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